Welcome to Sacred Body

Treating Body, Mind & Spirit

The Sacred Body offers massage therapy for both relaxation and ongoing treatment of painful musculoskeletal soft tissue strains and injury. With certified RMT services covered under many ICBC and BC health plans, the Sacred Body tailors every session to the unique needs of each client for pain and stress relief.

Therapeutic Treatments

For those seeking relief from persistent or chronic pain, 15 extra minutes are added at NO CHARGE to your initial 60 minute appointment (75 minutes total) to listen as you explain the nature and impact of your ailment. Understanding the origin of your pain and its affect on your quality of life helps us shape the optimal treatment regime.


Click here to learn more about this osteopathic-based form of manual therapy.

Relaxation Massage

For those treating themselves or someone else to a wonderful relaxation massage, 45, 60, 75, 90, and 120 minute sessions are available.


A certified RMT since 2002, clinic owner Heidi Ogden’s range of techniques include:

  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Swedish Relaxation
  • Ortho-Bionomy®
  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • LaStone Therapy
  • Myofascial Release
  • Neuromuscular Technique
  • Remedial Massage
  • Sports Therapy
  • Visceral Manipulation

Arrival at Our Clinic

For all sessions, visitors are asked to arrive at the clinic 10 minutes prior to their scheduled appointment and follow COVID guidelines.

Come in. Take off your shoes. Sit down. Relax. Decompress. BREATHE.

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  • ​Tina C.
    Heidi is a talented massage therapist that also incorporates techniques that actually ‘uncoil’ the sometime bound up muscles. Highly recommended.
    ​Tina C.
  • Michelle S.
    I'd describe my appointment as...amazing! I have chronic issues and due to Heidi's care and ongoing training she has been able to help me. I am so appreciative of this lovely lady! The wisdom and caring she brings to each treatment are such a gift.
    Michelle S.
  • Loralee M.
    I'd describe my appointment as...wonderful. I appreciate how knowledgeable Heidi is and how she tries to bring as many techniques and other practitioners into the treatment. Her style is to work with you and any other processes that will bring relief to chronic or acute pain. She has also given me a simple pleasant relaxing massage that simply melted me away to total ease. I went to Heidi because of a painful issue with my lower back and hip and we have worked on a number of other issues too. She has helped me with exercises and treatments and recommended a number of other ways to ease my pain. Previously I had gone to other RMTs, but Heidi does more work on the problem areas and has helped me to find a lot more ease. Some massages are merely pleasant but I want healing, that is why I go to Heidi. Her personality is also a draw, she is a lovely human being. ​
    Loralee M.
  • Logan G.
    Heidi is a great massage therapist, she listens to what you want. She focuses on one problem area at a time and brings relief before moving on to another area. I especially recommend her for anything sports related as she's great at releasing muscles, assessing the body and has more knowledge then most other massage therapists that have worked on me.
    Logan G.
  • Laura P.
    Heidi is a very skilled and seasoned practitioner who is constantly evolving and learning and therefore is able to utilize a variety of individualized methods to treat her patients. She is also a very kind, caring, and down to earth individual and I am very pleased to have discovered her!
    Laura P.
  • Karen S.
    Heidi is incredible! She looks at the body holistically and has so many methods of massage and body work to target problem areas. You can tell she loves her work. She is constantly educating herself and finding new ways to help you heal.
    Karen S.
  • Janis Y.
    I'd describe my appointment as being in the hands of someone who knows the body intimately. Heidi was focused and direct in accessing the root causes of my painful & inactive shoulder. I absolutely love the hot stones and on each appointment, I've left feeling relaxed and pain-free. Thank you, Heidi!
    Janis Y.
  • Gloria B.
    Heidi has a wealth of knowledge about healing ones body. Her approach is very comforting and very effective. I highly recommend The Sacred Body.
    Gloria B.
  • Christy N.
    Hands-down one of the best practitioners I've ever been to see. Neck Pain gone after just one visit!!!
    Christy N.
  • Carolyn J.
    "After our initial consultation my niggling year-long hip pain has improved considerably. I’m now able to walk without holding up my family! Heidi is now my go-to therapist. Thanks for moving to town!"
    Carolyn J.
  • Brenda R.
    Revelstoke is so lucky to be getting such an amazing practitioner! I miss my sessions with her dearly. Her ability to blend several techniques to meet your body’s needs is what I liked about her sessions. Give Heidi a try you won’t be disappointed!"
    Brenda R.
  • Brenda B.
    "I'd describe my appointment as...very satisfying! Heidi is very in-tuned to what is happening and is always doing what she can to increase her knowledge base."
    Brenda B.
  • Barbara B.
    Heidi is tremendously knowledgeable, skilled, heartfelt and effective ...she is a gifted healer. Plus it's such a pleasure to spend time with her!
    Barbara B.