LaStone Therapy


With origins in Native American culture, thermotherapy (the application of heat to injury) encourages blood flow through muscle tissue to flush toxins and trigger the body’s self-healing mechanisms. Drawing energy and spiritual strength from stones, LaStone therapy can also be a spiritual experience for those seeking a connection linking mind, body, and spirit.

This method of alternating deep penetrating heated stones with chilled stones to trigger chemical releases within the body's systems was pioneered in 1993 by Mary Nelson, a massage therapist in Tucson, Arizona. Suffering through a rotator cuff injury at work, Mary felt guided to pick up a warm sauna stone and use it to massage her injured area (so one story goes).

Immediately realising its potential, Mary initially called her new technique ‘Hot Stone Massage’, a term still used by many LaStone training organisations today. Soon the cool marble joined the warm basalt and LaStone was created. Now retired from practice, Mary continues to experiment with stones in new therapeutic ways.


One of the fastest growing massage trends in Canada and the United States, the physiological benefits of alternating hot and cold on the body have long been scientifically and medically proven. LaStone therapy has led the charge into all aspects of stone therapy including how temperature affects the bodies systems and organs, stones selection, and professional-grade equipment for stone sanitation in the era of COVID.

During a LaStone treatment, the therapist places hot and cold stones on different areas of the body and massages to open the chakras or energy channels. For more intense, deep-tissue massage, the therapist combines the stones with techniques of Swedish massage. An incredible experience and effective therapy, many clients enter a deep meditative state by the end of a session.

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  • Brenda R.
    Revelstoke is so lucky to be getting such an amazing practitioner! I miss my sessions with her dearly. Her ability to blend several techniques to meet your body’s needs is what I liked about her sessions. Give Heidi a try you won’t be disappointed!"
    Brenda R.
  • Carolyn J.
    "After our initial consultation my niggling year-long hip pain has improved considerably. I’m now able to walk without holding up my family! Heidi is now my go-to therapist. Thanks for moving to town!"
    Carolyn J.
  • Christy N.
    Hands-down one of the best practitioners I've ever been to see. Neck Pain gone after just one visit!!!
    Christy N.
  • Karen S.
    Heidi is incredible! She looks at the body holistically and has so many methods of massage and body work to target problem areas. You can tell she loves her work. She is constantly educating herself and finding new ways to help you heal.
    Karen S.
  • Laura P.
    Heidi is a very skilled and seasoned practitioner who is constantly evolving and learning and therefore is able to utilize a variety of individualized methods to treat her patients. She is also a very kind, caring, and down to earth individual and I am very pleased to have discovered her!
    Laura P.
  • Logan G.
    Heidi is a great massage therapist, she listens to what you want. She focuses on one problem area at a time and brings relief before moving on to another area. I especially recommend her for anything sports related as she's great at releasing muscles, assessing the body and has more knowledge then most other massage therapists that have worked on me.
    Logan G.

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